Airbrush Tattoo Kit – Turning Fun Into Profit

Airbrush Tattoo Kit – Temporary tattoos have come a long way from the treat inside a bubblegum wrapper and have become a lot more appealing. Airbrushed tattoos are a fun way to accessorize for an evening out, a themed event, or concert, and have become popular and profitable too… that is for the people who own an Airbrush Tattoo kit.

Temporary tattoos are the best choice for higher volume parties and are a lot of fun at parties for kids. They are an excellent fashion accessory for Halloween. You can have all the fun of having a tattoo with no pain or regrets. The Tattoos last only a few days and wash right off.

A temporary tattoo business can become very profitable if promoted correctly. There are many temporary tattoo artists that subsidize their income by being hired for group functions, social events, birthday party’s and even political rallies. They may charge from $5 to $10 per tattoo or a flat rate from $100 hr. and up. Most areas only require a simple business license before you start.

As the demand for temporary tattoos has increased, affordable solutions have become more readily available. Previously available only to the movie and modeling industry, the stencils and airbrush kits are now affordable and accessible for everyone. There are many stencil designs to choose from and some may be purchased in multiple packs with hundreds of designs.

These tattoo systems are a ready-made stream of income basically a business in a box. Most kits come with stencils, FDA approved skin safe paints, airbrush spray guns, and best of all instructions. There are many Airbrush Tattoo Kits available on the market today.

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