Diamond is April’s Birthstone – and diamonds are still hard to trace — Sharon Z Jewelry

Diamond is April’s Birthstone – and diamonds are still hard to trace — Sharon Z Jewelry

This put up at first appeared as a newsletter to my listing on April 12, 2022.

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Which is why I am going to be paying April chatting all about them to people on my publication checklist. The very good, the negative, the why.

Let us keep one particular truth of the matter at the prime of this put up:

This program for sourcing diamonds that we are currently doing the job in is unfair.

Occasionally in buy to resolve a challenge, it assists to accept that the issue exists in the initial area.

When you are running in a technique that is fully weighted from each unbiased designers and their buyers, it would make it that considerably tougher to make the rough ethical decisions.

Soon after all, when a identify redacted big jewelry enterprise helps make a assert about employing only certified Kimberley Process diamonds, for individuals of us who test to be transparent about the actual selections, it can make us appear lousy.

I know numerous of us maintain ourselves accountable for managing ethical enterprises, and for applying ethical sourcing, but we will not have the exact entry to resources that businesses do. We also you should not have a program that actually traces diamonds from the mines to our inventory.

As considerably as we might want to be assured of the ethics of our diamonds sources, actually the most that we can say is “to the greatest of our awareness”.

And it can be really hard to use this level of honesty. We dread that clients will operate off, or not imagine us, or not listen to and have an understanding of us.

Recognizing that the method is not fair does not absolve us of our collective obligation, while. We can even now question issues of our suppliers*, we can continue to ask the hard issues of ourselves so that we can make smaller but significant adjustments.

Think about for a second what would it do for all of the field if even a fraction of us started out shifting our supply chains to use a lot more Fairmined metals? What would it do for the field if even a fraction of us begun sourcing extra mine-to-current market gemstones? What would a fairer program glimpse like for all of us? What would it look like if far more of us commenced inquiring inquiries and currently being much more clear?

I feel it might appear like a much better, fairer business.


Sharon Z


*https://www.christinatmiller.com/lr-video-archive scroll down this webpage to the communicate about Supplier Conversations in Follow to get an strategy of what asking questions can develop.

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