Fila Vintage Terrinda – The History

Fila Terrinda tracksuits have been the revival tracksuit of 2010.

Back in the late 70s early 80s Fila Settanta Tracksuit Jackets were a big deal for many. An individual Fila style launched with their Tennis superstar Bjorn Borg, his Settanta Mk1 Track was an immediate must own track top for a sports fashion elite.

In 1981 Borg was given a make over with his Final tracksuit the Fila Settanta mk3, known as the Fila Terrinda. Aimed at the fashion conscious the Fila Terrinda was made of high-end fabric giving the jacket it instantly recognisable look, fantastic finish and irresistible touch. The clean design and style of the jacket complete with white piping and shoulder padding and finished with the legendary collars completed the timeless look of this iconic collector’s jacket.

In 2008 Fila were looking to relaunch the classic jacket under the Fila Vintage brand. Rumours began circulating that they were unable to find a suitable fabric that lived up to the quality of the original 80s jackets. This in turn pushed up demand in the collectors market and some ebay listed original jackets were seen to fetch up to £1200!

In 2009 on the eve of the release of 80s casuals film, The Firm full of 80s originals including a key place for the Fila Vintage Terrinda, Fila announced they had sourced a fabric to launch the release of their new Fila vintage Terrinda.

A Fila Vintage Red Terrinda worn by lead character Bex was available at only at one stockist, 80s Casual Classics, at £100 for the Tracksuit Top and £150 for the Full Tracksuit. Along with the Red the Terrinda was available in Navy, French Blue, White, Silver Grey and Lemon. In 2009 the relaunch included two new never seen before colours, Black and Green.

One thing is for sure. The Fila Vintage Terrinda is a legendary Track Top with an incredible history.

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