Skint woman who only has a tenner for a week’s food begs for help & is inundated with shopping tips

Skint woman who only has a tenner for a week’s food begs for help & is inundated with shopping tips

IN A earth where by we can often come to feel like you will find really tiny kindness all over, it can be heart-warming to see people today rally round to support somebody in need.

A lady who only experienced £10 to previous her 5 times took to Fb to question if anybody could assistance her prepare her meals so she could pay for a week’s food stuff, and the reaction she obtained was too much to handle.

The woman took to Facebook for help making £10 stretch for her weekly food shop


The female took to Facebook for support building £10 extend for her weekly food shopCredit score: AFP

The put up gained more than 400 remarks with support and ideas for how the woman could make her tenner extend.

The primary concept explained: “Hello! I’ve obtained £10 right until Friday, what uncomplicated meals can I get to final?

“Just me to fear about, no young children and the charges and outgoings are all accounted for. I know I can make it final, but no plan how. Nearest supermarket is Tesco.”

In reaction individuals flocked to help her out, with numerous giving the woman with exact shopping lists and food programs that would see her via.

Meal program recommendation 1

Browsing listing

Tesco cooking bacon 75p for 500gms

Inexpensive spaghetti (25/30p)

Fifty percent dozen eggs (80p)

Couple of onions (20p)

Packet of cheap cheese (1.80 for 400gms)

Couple of potatoes (50p)

Little milk or long lifetime carton skimmed their possess manufacturer (about 50p)

Whole: About £5 price

Meal system

1 meal of bacon omelet (2,eggs)

1 meal of carbonara built with 2 eggs, bacon, cheese and onion (use the pasta drinking water instead of product)

Include Pair of potatoes, tin of baked beans (30p)

Some of the cheese for a food of baked potatoes (can increase a little bit of the bacon as 500gms is ample for 4 meals for an unique)

Use the other 2 eggs to make scrambled eggs or poached eggs for 2 breakfasts, or make breakfast muffins (use what at any time veg or buy their blended frozen veg at about £1 a packet). You have, slice fantastic, whisk up eggs, a bit of milk if you have, set the veg in a cup cake tin, include the egg blend, increase some grated cheese on prime and bake.

A single girl suggested a combination of eight merchandise need to provide her with ample components for a bacon omelet, a pasta carbonara, scrambled eggs, and baked potatoes with beans.

In addition she prompt a number of other money saving guidelines.

The helpful commenter reported: “Make pancakes, the thick ones if you have flour and milk.

“Or slender kinds for an evening food with cheese and fried onion for a savoury flavour.

“Also bread and marg, grated cheese sandwiches for lunch, or invest in the sandwich spreads.

“Finally also affordable penne and a tin of soup (I use mushroom and hen flavour at 45p a tin) grated cheese and onion, helps make a good pasta bake.”

Browsing list

Bag pasta

Pack of dried spaghetti

Jar of Pasta sauce

Minced meat

Tin tuna

4 jacket potatoes

Tin baked beans

Cheap pizza





Get a several veg ( 1 carrot) loose

Total: £6.57


Food prepare

Tuna pasta

Spag bol

Bolognese on jacket potato

Jacket and beans

Sausage mash and beans


Toast for brekky

Ham butty for lunch

But this was not the only menu suggested for the woman.

One more girl proposed a whole menu that would cost just £6.57 and the woman predicted that she would be left with meals for the pursuing week much too.

A different girl stated: “When money has been seriously tight I swear by a significant bag of pasta and a jar of pasta sauce. Grate some cheese more than the leading. Meals for the week.”

Even though just one form woman even offered to swing by and deliver her some meals.

She said: “Exactly where are you from? If you dwell shut to me I could fall you off some foods?”

And another suggested using Meals Lender, conveying that that is what the service is for.

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