Ariana Grande ‘God Is A Woman’ Perfume Has Landed

Ariana Grande ‘God Is A Woman’ Perfume Has Landed

Ariana Grande smiling for the camera: The newlywed singer is reportedly launching her own beauty line, 'God Is A Woman'.

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The newlywed singer is reportedly launching her own beauty line, ‘God Is A Woman’.

Update 3/8/21:

Three years after Ariana Grande released her internet-breaking single ‘God Is A Woman’, the singer and now beauty mogul has dropped a perfume with the same name.

After months of rumours that Grande was launching her own beauty line named after her chart-topping song, the newlywed has finally kicked things off with a brand new fragrance.

No stranger to the world of perfume, this is Grande’s seventh scent but the first ‘clean’ perfume in her lineup with 91% natural ingredients and a cruelty-free and vegan formula.

Moving away from the more cutesy cloud and pom pom vibes of her previous perfumes, ‘God Is A Woman’ aims for something a little more epic. Housed in a monolithic grey bottle with the juice contained in a lavender-hued glass section carved out of the centre, the fragrance channels Ariana’s ancient goddess theme present in the original single’s iconic music video.

The perfume’s notes include a base of vanilla and cedarwood, with orris and Turkish rose petals adding a heady floral middle and top notes of juicy pear and ambrette finishing the signature ‘God Is A Woman’ scent.

As ever with Grande, there’s always a philanthropic twist the proceedings with at least $75,000 of the sales proceeds being donated to ocean clean-up initiatives.

Unfortunately, ‘God Is A Woman’ is currently not available in the UK but watch this space for more updates on the scent and the rest of Grande’s beauty collection.

Harry Styles, Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, Kylie, Kim and Kendall, and now Ariana Grande. As the list of celebrity beauty lines gets longer and longer we’re struggling to keep up with which A-lister is going to be next to launch their own lip gloss/spot serum/life-changing SPF (we’re looking at you Ri). Joining the roster of celeb beauty entrepreneurs is singer, newlywed and owner of the best ponytail in the biz, Ariana Grande.

According to Trendmood, Grande has filed a trademark for her very own line of beauty products. The name? As an ode to her 2018 single of the same name, the line is rumoured to be called ‘God Is A Woman’. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

The trademark reportedly covers everything from skincare to body products, including mists, soufflés, perfumes, shower and bath gels, and more. An Ariana Grande body soufflé? We could get into it.

This isn’t the ‘Thank U, Next’ singer’s first foray into the world of beauty. In fact, Grande has quite the perfume empire under her belt. ‘Cloud’, ‘R.EM.’ and the eponymous ‘Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum’ are just three of the 27-year-old’s six fragrances that reportedly made over £105 million ($150 million) in 2017 alone. So undoubtedly Grande has got big business in mind when it comes to her rumoured beauty line.

A beauty icon in her own right (did half-up half-down ponytails even exist before Ari?), even when Grande isn’t building a beauty empire, her music videos are inspiring other brands to launch their own products.

Throwback to 2018 when the ‘God Is A Woman’ music video broke the internet. Starring a naked Ariana half submerged in a purple swirling marble-effect pool, the video immediately incited a new generation of bath bomb lovers. Bath and body pros Lush hopped on the hype by dropping their own ‘God Is A Woman’ bath bomb that recreated Ari’s lavender pool. Needless to say, it sold out.

Perhaps a purple body soufflé is on the cards for Grande’s own beauty line? Watch this space for more information on ‘God Is A Woman’.