How to Protect Your Gold Wedding Rings From Damage

Gold is durable and long lasting, but it can be damaged. If it is not treated properly it can be scratched and dented and over the years it will develop a grimy film of skin oils, hand lotions, soap and other residue which will make it look dull. Also, if it is exposed to harsh chemicals this can damage the surface of the gold.

Take Off Your Ring around Chemicals

It is thought to be bad luck to take off your wedding ring, but when it comes to working around harsh chemicals you can prevent a lot of damage to your ring by slipping it off your finger and leaving it in a safe place until later. You should take your wedding rings off whenever you go swimming, as the chlorine in the pool is very damaging. Also, take your bands off or wear gloves when you are doing cleaning with household cleaning products.

You should also take off your ring if you are going to be putting lotion or oil on your hands or if you will be spraying perfume or deodorant. The buildup from these substances will cause the gold to look dull. Taking your ring off while playing sports is also a good idea because the dirt and debris can damage the ring and if you have any small stones set within the wedding band they can be knocked out by rough physical activity.

Storing Your Wedding Bands

If you take your gold bands off at night or you need someplace to store them, make sure that they are not stored in the same jewelry box loose with other pieces. The gold can easily be scratched by your other jewelry, especially if you have other pieces of jewelry with diamonds.

The best way to keep your gold rings safe from damage when you are not wearing them is to wrap them in a soft cloth or a tissue before placing them in your jewelry box. Make sure you remember where you put the ring so that you are not scrambling to find it when you want to put it back on. Perhaps you can have a special spot where it always goes so that you know where to look.

Beautiful gold wedding bands require a lot of regular maintenance to be kept in the finest condition. If you can avoid the behaviors which cause damage to your rings, you will be able to keep them looking beautiful for longer and will not have to clean and polish them as often. Whenever you look down at your hand you will have a beautiful gleaming reminder of your marriage to the one you love.

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