Other Tips For Fighting Body Odor

A previous article has discussed the basic methods to combat body odor such as improving personal hygiene and cleanliness. One might also use anti-perspirants and/or deodorant sprays. These are however, only good for masking the problem of body odor. If desperate, one may resort to methods such as surgery and Botox injections. Nonetheless, surgery is not without harmful side effects and Botox is simply another temporary solution.

If you suffer from chronic body odor, this may be a result of fungal growth You could try using anti-fungal shampoo such as Nizoral (TM) on your armpits while showering. This of course includes lathering it up and leaving it on for a few minutes. For stronger medications, one should consult a doctor; some anti-fungal medications are more effective than Nizoral but are usually available only with a prescription. Nizoral may be purchased easily online or in good pharmacies/chemists.

Since bacteria can only grow with moisture, a person suffering from body odor might want to use anti-perspirants instead of deodorants. However deodorants which specifically target the inhibition of bacterial growth can also be considered as an option. An easy way of keeping armpits free from body odor is the method of using diluted lemon juice. In adopting this method, one will have to undergo experimentation with the concentration. If the solution is too harsh the skin may burn or develop redness and welts, in which case a couple of days should pass before a second attempt. You should taste the solution first to judge its acidity, the component which will keep the offending micro-organisms from thriving at your armpits. One could also prevent body odor by shaving the armpits, which in turn makes it easier to apply anti-perspirants or deodorants.

Another tip to prevent body odor emissions would be to simply reduce the odor through your diet. This includes avoiding processed food or trying to mask it, for instance with baking soda or cinnamon powder. It is nonetheless important to continue vital bodily processes.

Applying extra virgin coconut oil to your skin may also help. This is because the oil contains lauric acid which kills bacteria. You could also apply talcum powder to the armpits of your clothes and rub it in (don’t forget to remove the evidence from dark clothing by rubbing it off from the outside). It can additionally be applied to one’s skin after deodorant (do not rub it in). Perfume can likewise be sprayed onto clothes or added to the washing machine while washing. With regards to men, cologne should not be used to mask odors as it will most likely make matters worse.

In addition one could use chlorophyll gel tabs or chlorophyll liquids which function as internal deodorizers, minimizing or eliminating body odor. Also note that foods with a high sulphur content such as garlic and eggs are definitive culprits for people suffering from body odor problems. These products are also easily accessible online.

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