Six Characteristics of an Alpha Male

1. “Smile.”

“The number one characteristic of an alpha male is the smile. Smile when you enter a room. As soon as you walk in a club, the game is on. And by smiling, you look like you’re together, you’re fun, and you’re somebody.”

2. “Be well-groomed.”

  • Shower: Wash yourself three times before you meet a woman. Dirt and odors usually don’t come off with just a rinse.
  • Breath: Brush your teeth. Carry breath mints and gum.
  • Scent: Use a good deodorant. Use cologne sparingly. A DAB on pulse places like wrists or neck. Best to put it on 30-60 minutes ahead of time so it blends with your natural scent.
  • Hair: get a cool hair style. Keep all other hair trimmed. Nose and ear hairs are a no-no. May want to keep the pubes trimmed too.
  • Nails: keep ’em short, clean, and neat. Later, during foreplay, you’ll want them short.
  • Fashion: wear at least one interesting item of clothing. It can entice girls to open you. At the very least, dress the best you can.

3. “Possess a sense of humor.”

Banter, cocky-funny, role-playing, negs are all great techniques to make women laugh in a way that sparks sexual tension.

4. “Connect with people.”

Get curious about people, and listen. At bottom, everyone wants to feel important, so don’t knock people down. Make them feel important. Show everyone respect.

5. “Be the social center of a room.”

See my previous article “The Key To Picking Up Chicks Is Not Picking Them Up” for more. Mystery says “there are the observers and the observed. Be the observed.” The three second rule isn’t just opening the first attractive women you see. It means opening the first people you see. Period. Talk to everyone, even if it’s a simple “How’s your night going?” Bartenders, Bouncers, ugly girls, guys. Be the social center of a room.

6. “Confidence.”

Confidence comes from competence. Competence comes from practice. Also, adopt the belief that you’re the prize. You’re the selector. The belief translates into confidence. And women will smell it off you like cologne.

You can find these six characteristics in “The Game” by Neil Strauss (page 21-22).

And you can begin practicing these characteristics RIGHT NOW.

For example, smile at people. Ask the cashier “how’s your day going?” Even practice a banter-line on her and make her laugh. You’ll be on your way to developing confidence, and the characteristics of an alpha male.

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